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tired of watching everyone else pass you by, living the life you want, enjoying the freedom in their business that you crave?

imagine . . .


never having to worry about coming across as “salesy,” “needy” or “out to get something” from your prospects.

landing $10,000 clients with ease who literally come to you and ask for your first available appointment.

being able to feel so incredibly confident about your offer that you don’t just believe people need it, you’ll know they want it.

Hi! I’m Rachel Luna and I’ve been on both sides of the fence

I remember watching my friends, colleagues and peers pass me by, thinking to myself, “Why is it working for them and not me? What am I doing wrong?”

I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve shed over the last decade because it seemed like no matter what I tried, it didn’t work out for me the way it seemed to work for everyone else.

I was doing everything right – attending the webinars, taking the masterclasses, downloading all the PDF’s, “investing in myself.”

But the truth was, even though I was doing all the things, I wasn’t doing the one thing that actually drives a business forward –


And on the rare occasion that I truly put out an offer for sale, complete with a call to action and a link to get started, I’d feel “salesy” – almost as if I were bothering my audience.

I’d heard all these great stories about “attraction marketing” but no one seemed to be attracted to buying from me.

The most frustrating, bittersweet compliment I’d get from my audience was, “You’re so motivating and inspiring.”

Well, if I was so motivating and inspiring, why the heck weren’t they buying from me???
(Please tell me you feel me on that one?)

Of course I wanted to motivate and inspire my audience. After all, I wanted to help people!

I wanted to inspire them to take confident action and achieve their goals and dreams. But I also wanted to get paid!
(Can I get a witness?!)


something wasn’t adding up.


I knew I had the solution to the problems they said they wanted to solve. I was creating EXACTLY what my readers kept saying they wanted.

But when it came time to hit that ‘buy now’ button, they’d run for the hills…

What I finally realized was that, while I had the right solution, I didn’t have the right vehicle – or the “right packaging” – if you will.

Although my audience said they wanted more confidence and consistency in their business – what they really wanted was to make more money!

Once I identified my sales vehicle, more people started to come along for the ride. And today I’ve built a profitable six-figure business that has allowed me the time, freedom and opportunity to serve and support so many entrepreneurs, just like YOU.

Not to mention, I’ve helped my clients double, triple and quadruple their income. Today my hourly coaching rate is $1,000 and 1:1 VIP Intensives (which starts at $10,000) is completely SOLD OUT with a waiting list!

That’s quite a big difference from when I first started my business, charging only $15 per month for four sessions!


How did I make the jump?


It all comes down to having the right sales vehicle and just one other thing…

a confident mindset to get behind the wheel of that vehicle. So that every time you talk to your audience, you feel good!

And guess what? It doesn’t require a ton of “hustle” or “hard work” either. You’ve probably been hustling and working harder than ever, just like I was.

It didn’t work for me and if you’re on this page, it’s probably not working for you.

Instead, I shifted from hustle and hard work to intention and effort.

I became obsessed with mindset and competing with no one but myself!
No more comparison-itis, my daily intention was to simply beat my personal best from the day prior.

I focused on the intention behind every action I took in my business.
Rather than “working hard” I simply showed up with the right mindset and intention for every single task (even the “sh*tty ones – and yes, they exist in every biz).

I chose to find joy and fulfillment in the actions not the outcomes.
If a sale didn’t go through, I was still able to feel accomplished because I knew that I had taken pride + pleasure in showing up to do my part in this world. (When you master this, you can keep showing up & selling with ease and grace)

And along the way, I created a process and a system for myself and my clients.

a process that works!


Are you ready to find your vehicle, up your sales confidence, turn previous “no’s” into “hell yes!” and feel good selling?

The Feel Good Sales Society is not another online course.

It’s a hybrid Group Coaching Experience + LIVE Training Classes to help you

  • Get people asking “How can I pay you?” rather than giving you excuses or worse, not responding at all.
  • Find the RIGHT people who want what you have and more importantly will pay you for it without hesitation.
  • Push past your limiting beliefs (trust me, they’re there and they’re affecting you) so you can show up more consistently and have a constant stream of eager prospects ready to become paying clients.


  • are an online entrepreneur, coach, network marketer, influencer, consultant or personal brand
  • want to make a bigger impact, reach more people and make more money
  • are passionate about what you do but just can’t seem to close sales with ease and consistency
  • want to feel more confident when it comes to sales strategies and business
  • want support and accountability from a coach who has a proven track record for helping others increase their income and grow with consistency.

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4 core training sessions

Sales Vehicle

Magnetic Marketing

Feel Good Pricing

Sales Mindset

core session #1


Your sales vehicle is what gets people “in the car” with you and along for the journey.

If you’re not generating the type of traffic you’ve been wanting and needing in your business, it’s probably because you haven’t chosen the right vehicle. In this session you’ll learn how to identify:

  • What your people say they want, so you can truly start speaking to their desires
  • What your people really need. Once you understand this, you’ll be able to teach them and guide them towards making an investment with YOU!
  • What your people are willing to pay for. Believe it or not, people will say they need and want many things, but they’re not always willing to pay for it. In this session I’ll teach you how to crack the code and really understand what you’re people are willing to pay for that you can start having more meaningful conversation and better sales conversions.


“I was able to turn a previous, ‘No’ into a ‘Hell Yes!'”

Listening to one of our training session replays, I was able to apply the principles of knowing your sales vehicle and close the deal… Without changing my offer or deliverable, I was able to turn a previous, “No” into a “Hell Yes!” Now I’ll be able to change someone’s life while making money!” Katie Campell

Confidence Coach

core session #2


Say goodbye to the slick, slimy, ick-factor when it comes to creating content for social media. In this training class I’m going to show you how to:

  • Create a content plan that feels effortless to you and authentic to your audience.
  • Write posts that get you excited about sharing your offers and your stories.
  • Release your fear and worry of coming across as annoying, off-putting, or getting blocked!


One of my biggest takeaways was the inspiration to be SO CONFIDENT and clear on what you’re offering that you’re not attached to the person saying yes or no…

I also felt that I AM NOT ALONE. So often I feel that I’m the only one feeling stuck or uninspired, and hearing others sahre what was coming up for them allowed me to have more compassion with myself which ultimately allowed me to breathe, course correct, and create!

Since the class, I have been more direct in my offers. I have taken my power back in terms of what I’m offering and my excitement around it, and I have shifted my intetions to share with a demographic that I’m clearly attracting instead of trying to attract just anyone. THANK YOU!

Heather Cullen

core session #3

Feel Good Pricing

  • Why charging your worth is hurting your business and how to fix it fast so you can effortlessly sell and convert dream clients.
  • How to communicate what you do and the value you deliver so that people are excited to invest – objections be gone!
  • Pricing strategies that transform you from sales shy to a confident closer with integrity and authenticity.
  • Uncover thoughts and ideas you already have that are hurting your future sales (and learn how to retrain your brain to fix them)

I feel so great, I’m raising my prices

I feel great about my pricing. I’m raising my prices! I have been feeling so confident in sharing my offer and have been converting people very well on calls.

No more issues with pricing anymore, at all! Thank you!

Tahira Bell

Confidence Coach

core session #4

Sales Mindset Mastery

Confidently selling your offers to your audience and feeling good while doing it is all about your mindset! I know you know this, but you and I both know that sometimes what we know isn’t always what we practice. In this core session you’ll learn:

  • Why you aren’t hitting your goals and how to change that (become a goal and sales slayer!)
  • The questions you should be asking yourself to close more sales (and how to get the answers)
  • How to create a daily money mindset practice in a way that feels great and doesn’t steal all your time.
  • How to coach yourself off the ledge so you can bounce back from rejection (which is a natural part of sales) fast and feeling good.


Oh my gosh!! I figured out my business!!! At least a huge chunk of it!

You hit the nail on the head today in the Feel Good Sales Society training. Simply by listening to you coach someone else through their blocks allowed me realize my own blocks. Thank you so much for everything you do and who you are!! I absolutely love listening to you!! And I’m so grateful to have you in my life!!!

Charissa da Silva


Each week you’ll get a short but powerful implementation workbook because it doesn’t matter how much content you consume, the only thing that counts is the material you actually implement.


Transcripts of each lesson are available for you to download, highlight and annotate.


You’ll never have to worry about missing a lesson or a call because you’ll have access to recordings you can take with you anywhere you choose.
Group Coaching

These sessions aren’t your average Q+A calls.

As a certified professional life & business coach, I come to our sessions with nearly a decade of coaching experience, tools, and exercises.

Beyond business strategies and tactics, I bring my proven expertise and powerful questions to help you experience breakthroughs that help you shift, grow and transform not only your business but also your life!

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to come to our call (or submit your questions in advance if you can’t attend live) and get true coaching around anythinglife, business, relationships – because it all affects your business, your sales and your ability to create a life of joy, fulfillment and freedom!

*Group coaching sessions not included in the solo option.

Some of the biggest breakthroughs came from watching Rachel coach others.

Kimberly Wymann

After becoming a Member of the Feel Good Sales Society You Will

Start generating more leads, make more sales, and deepen your impact.

Have a clear message that speaks directly to your ideal clients, a defined offer that gets them excited to buy and the confidence to ask for payment without fear of judgment or rejection.

Develop a systematized process for developing content that create connections and frees up your time so you hustle less and make more all at the same time! (Yes, you can exhale, it feels good doesn’t it?)

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You’ll find accountability, support, and feedback inside the member’s lead Facebook group. Each week you can expect a live update from Rachel and you’ll be able to post your questions and share your wins with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs just like you!

Alex Beadon’s Stories that Sell Instagram Training

($197 VALUE)

300 Million people watch Instagram stories every single day. People who are your ideal clients, looking to buy the very thing you have to offer.

But guess what? Most of those people are just watching which means you have an incredible chance to stand out, be seen and make more sales once you go through this training created EXCLUSIVELY for The Feel Good Sales Society.

Learn how to tell and sell with Alex Beadon’s brilliant story telling tips!

List Building Master Class with Kimra Luna

($500 VALUE)

Another class created EXCLUSIVELY for the members of The Feel Good Sales Society, in this Master Class, Kimra Luna share her exact list building strategies that took her from living on welfare to a million dollar business in under one year.

This complementary bonus class will help you reach more people and develop raving fans.

How Clone Yourself with Amber McCue

($297 VALUE)

The to-do list never gets shorter. Your days never get longer. You’re never actually “done.” And sometimes you feel like just throwing in every towel in every room and calling it a day. Or a year. Or a lifetime.

If you just can’t seem to get ahead, no matter what you do, this bonus will help! Join Amber McCue as she teaches you how to “clone yourself” in 4 quick lessons!

No more being buried in work. No more feeling like you want to pull out your hair. With this bonus you’ll learn how to master what most leading entrepreneurs already know – secret isn’t doing more. It’s doing less, and Amber will show you how!

Join us for a half-day, launch planning virtual retreat when you pay in full!

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After going through training session #1 of The Feel Good Sales Society I was able to make massive shifts and went from crickets to 3 clients in 20 minutes! I was alsove invited to speak as an expert for another program.

Sarah Sanford

Intuitive Coach

Before starting FGSS, I was already in pretty good hands because I had just wrapped up some coaching with Rachel. The decision to continue on with FGSS was easy because the level of commitment from Rachel as a coach is second to none. At the time, I was working on wrapping up my book (and since I have become a #1 Best Seller and over a month later, my book is still an Amazon #1 New Release!).

I wasn’t looking for sales “stuff” per se, but I knew that I wanted and needed to be surrounded by likeminded professionals. The motivation and inspiration that comes from being part of group where everyone is cheering you on and supporting you, is pretty amazing. The investment was a no brainer. If I want to keep moving forward, I MUST invest in myself. I knew with this investment, it would be matched by leaps and bounds from Rachel. That’s just a smart investment to make.

Coaching with Rachel always provides new enlightenment. There were times before a call that I thought I had nothing to say or share…but those were the times when I gained the most value. I was able to receive without any preconceived ideas of what I “thought” I needed. Not many coaches are able to ask the right questions that open up things you yourself didn’t know needed to be addressed. I would highly recommend working with Rachel – however, whenever, and as often as possible.

Kimberly Wyman

Author + Illustrator of #1 Best Seller, Grow LOVE

Where were you before starting FGSS?
Well, I had just signed up with my Direct sales business (Color Street) and I was questioning myself if I could actually make this work for me and my family.

What were your major takeaways, aha moments and/or results?
A major Aha! moment for me was realizing that I had to stop thinking that my ideal client was exactly like me. Maybe there are some aspects of myself that I would like to have in my ideal client, but not necessarily exactly like me.

What’s it like coaching with Rachel?
Well, very simply… DEEP! Rachel really knows how to make you really think deeply about many things that you may not necessarily think are affecting how you work/do things. I love how she gets in your face (lovingly) and makes you stop with the excuses or resisting what is right in your face!

Would you recommend FGSS?
One word…Abso-freaking-lutely! Monique Fredonis

Rachel’s class helped me rank in my company in two weeks. I had been trying to rank from February to July and it was going so slow. Then I took Rachel’s class and by the end of August I had rank advanced in my company signing 10 distributors in two weeks.

She really digs deep into your areas of need, what you are weak in and what you are strong in. You will know who the right people are to talk to about your business after taking Rachel’s course, and believe me it works. You get special specific advice from her as to what your needs are. She will meet you where you’re at and boy will you work. She will make you work – take action in her classes. The best money you will ever spend is with Rachel. Don’t hesitate at all. You found her for a reason. Kathy Baxter

Your call is the best training I have ever attended and I made it work for me. I found it so inspirational and I could sense the profound impact you have on women’s lives and how you give back. I’m so happy to have found you when I did.

Bridget Zyka

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Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page. A few minutes later you’ll see a welcome email in your inbox from me inviting you to join the exclusive, member-led Facebook community and giving you the next steps.
The experience begins the moment you sign up! We’re waiting for you with open arms inside the Member-led Facebook Community. Get there now!
  • Online Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Direct Sellers, or Personal Brands Who are Ready to Make a Bigger Impact, Reach More People and Make More Money
  • Individuals Who Know Something is “off” in their Online Presence, Sales & Marketing Efforts
  • Someone Who is Looking to Feel More Confident in Their Business and especially in Their Sales Strategies
  • Anyone Who Is Tired of Hustling Day in and Day Out with Little Income to Show
If you SHOW UP and IMPLEMENT what I teach you in The Feel Good Sales Society, I am confident you’ll see results. Everything you’ll learn in The Feel Good Society has been tested repeatedly with hundreds of clients and students and the results have been phenomenal.

DO THE WORK! Have an open mind. Take the leap of faith and try something different. Because let’s be real, whatever you’ve been doing hasn’t really been working the way you hoped it would – otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this page.
I only teach what I know has been proven to generate results and everything you’ll learn in The Feel Good Sales Society does just that – GETS RESULTS!

YEP! I got you covered, boo.
A comprehensive step-by-step process for clearly defining your offers, positioning your content and shifting your mindset so you feel confident going into every sale. Weekly coaching* to help you uncover and process any blocks that are standing in your way from getting paid. A new supportive society that feels your pain, genuinely cares about you and is supporting you every step of the way. Mindset and marketing strategies to help you get PAID.

*Weekly coaching calls + Facebook group not included in the Solo option

What Industry Leaders are Saying About Rachel

The Real Deal

Rachel Luna is an unstoppable force of nature. When others doubt, she perseveres. She knows exactly what it takes to succeed, does it and shows you how to do it too. Anyone who works with her will benefit massively from this experience. Rachel is the real deal. James Wedmore

Online Marketing + Video Expert, Creator of Business by Design


When building a business, everyone can use a shot of confidence and Rachel Luna is the perfect person to help you get it. her no-nonsense approach shines a light on where you are and where you want to be. Her ability to get you big results is nothing less than impressive.

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert, Host of Online Marketing Made Easy

A True Leader

I saw a magician in Vegas hold and 88 year old Grandma from the midwest and a 21 year old frat boy spellbound for 72 minutes once. Rachel Luna does the same thing. She glided onto my event stage and brought her trademark fire and ice to everyone there. She lit people up with energy. Not only that, but she supports people in the work she does from a place of true service. You can see her years of military service pour out of her in the way she serves; and gives people the much needed kick in the pants we all need sometimes. She’s a true leader.

Todd Herman

Creator of 90 Day Year, Voted World's Greatest Salesperson

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