As you know from previous episodes, Rachel is on sabbatical at the moment, and today she’s sharing an update on how things are going for her. What’s working? What isn’t, and what surprises has she discovered from this time in her life and business? You’ll find out today…

You’re going to learn that hardships are not a sign that you should quit, as well as the importance of setting systems, staying focused, and so much more.

You’ve probably heard of FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out”, and Rachel is going to tell you whether or not this is real or just a myth…

Is it possible to make more money month over month while on a sabbatical? You bet (and Rachel reveals how she’s done it)!

From time-to-time you may feel like taking a bit of a breather in your business, and this episode is going to give you the first

hand experiences of someone who’s doing – and doing it well! Check out Rachel’s amazing interview with Mike Michalowicz:

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