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Hi, I’m Rachel. If you’re looking for the next level of clarity, confidence & wealth creation on your terms, I can help.

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I want next level


Who the heck is Rachel Luna?

I’m Rachel Luna, best selling author of the book, Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. (Courage. Resilience. Authenticity. Perseverance): A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Together & Achieving Your Dreams, speaker, + Chief Confidence Creator here at RachelLuna.Biz.

Recent Episodes

E81: Sabbatical

As you know from previous episodes, Rachel is on sabbatical at the moment, and today she’s sharing an update on how things are going for her. What’s working? What isn’t, and what surprises has she discovered from this time in her life and business? You’ll find out...

E80: Angie Lee

What do you do when your friend calls you and invites you to create a new course? You record the entire conversation and make a podcast out of it, of course! In this episode, Rachel brings you behind the scenes with her friend Angie Lee, (host of the Angie Lee show)...

E79: How to Run Your Business Like Clockwork

You’re in for a treat, because today’s guest is the author of a book that not only completely changed Rachel’s business, but her life as well! Mike Michalwicz is the creator of the “Profit First Formula”, a way for businesses to ensure...